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10 Things Marvel Doesn't Want You To Know About The Venom Movie

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Everything you need to know about the new Venom movie from Marvel.
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It’s hard not to be excited about the new Venom movie starring Tom Hardy, but there are a few things which definitely have us scratching our heads. In the comic books, Venom and Spider-Man have a close relationship, but the latter character is rumored not to be in the new movie at all. Will we see a surprised cameo or will Spidey’s role be overtaken by symbiotes? There are a few hints, including the fact that we know which comics the movie draws inspiration from and, since it doesn’t take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we at least know our anti-hero is safe from Thanos.

We know Woody Harrelson will be in the movie at some point and many fans believe he’ll be playing the role of supervillain Carnage. Although we don’t know that for sure, based on the trailer, we expect to see many other symbiotes, including one named Riot.


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