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20 Hidden Venom Movie Details You Totally Missed

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Venom is one of Spider-man’s most famous and powerful villains. Thanks to his strong personality, complicated backstory and unique powers, fans have followed his appearances with great interest. That brings us to the Venom movie, starring Tom Hardy, and that’s probably why you’re here. Who hasn’t seen the trailers and been drawn in by the insane special effects and tormented performance of Hardy as the titular anti-hero. The movie’s received its share of lovers and haters. But unlike the seemingly indestructible symbiote, we’re going to break the movie down for you and reveal 20 crazy secrets and references hidden within the movie that you may not have noticed. There may not be an appearance from Spider-man in this flick, but it’s filled to the brim with references of the Spider-verse and beyond.

What hidden details do we reveal? How about the history of the character known as Riot. And maybe we talk about Venom’s affinity for both brains and chocolate. While we’re at it, we’ll dig into all the references to comic book artists and writers who worked on Venom stories over the years. Also, let’s not forget the Carnage connection, the J. Jonah Jameson link, the history behind She-Venom, and the delivery of lines of dialogue ripped right out of the pages of the comics. In this video, there’s dogs and space aliens, chest symbols and Stan Lee cameos. We dive into significance of Carlton Drake, Barney Bushkin, the Life Foundation, the post-credits scene, and why - oh why - San Francisco is such an important location to Eddie Brock’s past!


Entry 1 - Riot
Entry 2 - Brains and Chocolate
Entry 3 - The Life Foundation’s Goal
Entry 4 - J. Jonah Jameson and Son
Entry 5 - Into the Spider-verse
Entry 6 - A Carnage Connection
Entry 7 - She-Venom
Entry 8 - Interplanetary Outcast
Entry 9 - Shared Lines
Entry 10 - Venom Dog
Entry 11 - The Schueller Connection
Entry 12 - Carlton Drake
Entry 13 - Barney Bushkin
Entry 14 - Name Dropping
Entry 15 - The San Francisco Connection
Entry 16 - Wilhelm
Entry 17 - A Venomous Kiss
Entry 18 - The Chest Symbol
Entry 19 - Stan Lee
Entry 20 - The Post-Credits

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