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2020 Nissan LEAF - ProPILOT Assist (if so equipped)

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The ProPILOT Assist system is a hands on driver assistance system that provides limited lane-keeping, throttle and brake control assistance for the driver, it is not a self-driving system. It uses an enhanced version of Intelligent Cruise Control, or ICC system, along with a Steering Assist system to help maintain both distance from proceeding vehicles and vehicle lane centering.

The Steering Assist system uses a multi-sensing camera unit installed behind the windshield to monitor the lane markers. If clear, consistent lane markers are present, the Steering Assist provides small steering corrections to help keep your vehicle near the center of the lane while driving. Steering Assist will activate at speeds above approximately 37 miles-per-hour, if there are no vehicles detected ahead. In traffic with a preceding vehicle, Steering Assist will work down to a stop.

When in operation, the Steering Assist indicator, the Steering Assist display, and the lane marker indicator on the vehicle information display turn green and a chime will sound when it initially activates.

When deactivated, these indicators turn gray and a chime sounds twice.

To turn the ProPILOT Assist system on:
● Push the ProPILOT Assist switch. First a temporary pop-up will display the status of several driver assisting technologies, and then the status of the ProPILOT Assist system will appear.
● Now, accelerate or decelerate your vehicle to the desired speed.
● Push the SET switch and release it. The ProPILOT Assist activation indicator and ProPILOT Assist status indicator illuminate.

Steering Assist will continue to operate if the wipers are set to the INTERMITTENT or MIST position and clear lane markers can be detected. If the wiper switch is placed in the HIGH speed position, the Steering Assist system will be canceled after a period of time. If this occurs, push the CANCEL switch, then the RESUME switch, to resume operation.

While active, the ProPILOT Assist system monitors the steering wheel to confirm the driver has their hands on the steering wheel. If no hands are detected, the NO HANDS ON WHEEL sequence will begin. First, THIS visual warning will be displayed in the vehicle information display. Next, THIS visual warning will flash along with a series of escalating audible alerts, followed by a brake pulsation. If no steering input is still detected an emergency audible alert will sound, the hazard flashers turn on and the vehicle will slowly be brought to stop in the traveling lane. If steering input is detected during any of these warnings, the NO HANDS ON WHEEL sequence will be cancelled and ProPILOT Assist will resume.

If the ProPILOT Assist system malfunctions, it will be turned off automatically. A chime will sound and a warning will appear in the vehicle information display. When a warning light comes on, stop the vehicle in a safe place, turn the POWER switch off, and turn the Power switch back on. If the warning continues to illuminate, there may be a malfunction. Although normal driving can be continued, the system should be inspected. It is recommended that you visit a Nissan certified LEAF dealer for this service.

Using this switch located on the instrument panel, you can turn the Steering Assist ON and OFF.

To enable or disable the Steering Assist:
● Press the right or left arrow button until SETTINGS displays.
● Press the up or down arrow button to highlight DRIVER ASSISTANCE and press the OK button.
● Select STEERING ASSIST, then Press the OK button to toggle the system on or off.

Please see your Owner’s Manual for important safety information, system limitations, and additional operating and feature information.

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