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25 Things About The Venom Movie That Make No Sense

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There was so much hype surrounding the recently released Venom movie and Tom Hardy’s portrayal of the titular anti-hero, that fans were lining up to break box office records to see it. While some reviews are not the most glowing, most agree that the bones of a great movie are there, and with some spot on performances, super cool CGI, and a fascinating protagonist, Venom is overall a great time. But while it’s a lot of fun to watch, there are still some moments that made us go, huh? Moments like when Eddie stumbles across a top secret email on his fiance’s computer in the middle of the night, or how the local police seem pretty much useless in any scenario. Eddie scales a building to give his boss something that could have been an email, the yellow symbiote disappears without a trace, Venom’s powers seem a little touch and go, there is no anti-symbiote weapon or cameras in the lab, Venom is more emotional than we’d expected, Drake has two very random encounters with children, and Dr Dan should probably have his medical license revoked. Anne seems like a total tech wiz, the symbiotes don’t seem to mind fire all that much, Venom has a taste for chocolate and Tater Tots (and who can blame him?), Eddie hardly seems like the ideal host, the epic Venom VS Riot fight lasted only 4 minutes, and the mid credits and post credits scenes raise more questions than they do provide answers. All this and more are some of the things about Venom that really made no sense.

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