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25 Venom Facts Most Marvel Fans Don't Know

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With Tom Hardy's Venom movie out, how much do you know about the alien Symbiote? Subscribe to ScreenRant:

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With the hotly anticipated upcoming Venom stand alone movie, fans everywhere are buzzing about Venom. How will this movie stack up to decades of comic book legend? Will Tom Hardy be the right actor to carry the huge load of playing such an iconic character? Will this movie make up for the unfortunate experience of Spider Man 3? With all of this buzz going around, we thought we’d take the time to get to know the mysterious Venom just a little bit better, and share some amazing facts about him that even the most die hard comic fans might not know. Like the fact that Eddie Brock hasn’t been Venom for a while now, but has actually moved on to Toxin. Or the fact that sometimes Venom is actually a good guy, like when inhabited by Flash Thompson, and sometimes he is a full on cannibal with a taste for squirrels when his host is Mac Gargan. There is a ton of info about his history in the comics, like that he was originally supposed to be a woman, he has been a Guardian of the Galaxy and an Avenger, can control cars, is fueled by his hatred of Spider Man as well as the adrenaline that Eddie Brock has because of his cancer. Hank Azaria was the original voice of the animated Venom, he craves brains and also chocolate, first appeared in The Amazing Spider Man issue #300, was banished from his home planet and worn by Deadpool for the first time, and more! There is so much to learn about this amazing character before catching the movie when it opens, so tune in and enjoy!

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