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China Automatic Polyurethane Filter Gasket Casting machine1

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Yongjia Polyurethane CO., a professional machinery manufacturer in PU industry combined with design, development, production,Founded in 2013, the construction area of over 10,000 square meters, is the China forefront polyurethane technology company. At present our company's products range covers:high pressure pouring machine,low pressure foaming machine,pu spraying foam machine,pu elastomer casting machine,also we customize to make production line according to clients requirement , like in flexible foam system we make the lines:PU shoe /sole/insole production line (Egypt),anti-fatigue mat production line (India),memory pillow production line (Iran, Albania),elastic ball production line (Mexico),car seat and cushion production line (Morocco),pu slow rebound ear plugs line (India); rigid foam system we make the line :PU decorative molding crown cornice line (Saudi Arab),float trowel making line (Saudi Arab, Pakistan),cold storage panel production line (Uzebikstan),sandwich panel production line (Iraq) Elastomer line:forklift wheel casting line(Iran),coal sieve screen select line (Russia);

To test our machine feather and performance, also help to develop and improve the new technology, we also invest one pu products factory to make pu earplugs,pu mat,pu Insoles,pu cold storage room panel and so on. Elastomer line: forklift wheel casting line, coal sieve screen select line;etc… we are sincerely waiting for your coming and visit.

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