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Fatal Frame Movie Trailer (English Subtitles)

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~Turn on CC for subtitles and Annotations for floating text~
Though you might want to watch them once with CC and once with annotations, gets a little busy.

Already did the Wii U game trailer, why not the movie trailer as well.

Wii U Fatal Frame V trailer with English Subtitles can be found here:

And for any interested, they made a short drama promoting the 3DS Fatal Frame spin off Spirit Camera, which I translated and subbed, that can be found here

The "Based on/Written by/Directed by" I skipped in the beginning for floating text only to keep it less busy because they mentioned other works and such they have done as well.
Wasn't going to the the clear files at the end but was sure people would ask what it was, so added that.

Kadokawa uploaded a "international" trailer of this, so hard subbed version here

It was only 30 seconds so didn't have a "ah man, wasted so much time" reaction. And always nice to see them match closely to the "Pros"

Fatal frame and Wii U are copyrighted to their respected owners. I own nothing in this videos outside of the translations and subtitles. I do translations only to bring information to the non-Japanese speaking fans.

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