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Is Spider-Man Already Dead In Venom's Movie Universe?

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Could the Venom movie exist in a universe where Spider-Man is already dead? Subscribe to our channel:

When Venom was announced, when Venom was filming, and when Venom was released, all anyone could talk about was the inclusion of Spider-Man. Would there be an Easter Egg. A secret meeting between the two. How could Sony do a Venom movie without Peter Parker?! Well, they pulled it off. Not even a mention of Spider-Man, Parker, or Mary-Jane. They avoided Spidey like the plague, but fans are still desperate to see a connection between the two. And will they get it? Maybe, but not in the way you’d like. According to some theories, Spider-Man may already be dead in Venom’s world -- and no we’re not talking Thanos’s finger snap. This death would be way before that.

Watch as we break down the movie, some of the key scenes, and present you a theory about why Spider-Man is dead and who the potential replacement will be. If you’ve seen Venom, then you can put these pieces together and see how a dead Spider-Man makes a whole lot of sense. Without Peter Parker in the picture, we may see how a new Spider-Man steps up to the plate and takes on Venom in the future. Either way, with every new Venom movie, people will try to find some type of Spider-Man connection and eventually there will be one. Watch to see this connection and then comment below if you agree! The whole Venom universe would be completely changed if Spider-Man was already dead and present a lot of different storytelling options for the franchise!

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