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Marvel's VENOM -(2018) First Look Trailer - Tom Hardy Marvel Movie. Coming Soon

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"The Dark Side Is Coming With Vengeance"
Marvel's VENOM (2018) Movie.

From Marvel and Sony Pictures Entertainment, comes "VENOM" - a highly new intenesly action-packed superhero epic led by the great director of "Zombieland" and "Gangster Squad", Mr. Ruben Fliescher, based on the popular Marvel character of the same name.

Please meet Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), a young ,tall, muscular and big-bodied man who was once a military man in his past, who arrives one day to New York City, and seeks for a work. However, his life is changing forever when he encounters in an extraterresial entity known as the Symbiote, which bonds with him as its host, and thus, he becomes an extremely powerful superhuman being, dubbing himself as "Venom".

Unknown what to do with his "gift" ,he firstly uses the Venom alias as a mean of villainy, yet, when he truly embraces his alias as something greater, he becomes an anti-social man and seeks to save the world by his own ways and means. One day, Brock's life accept another twist when he encounters in Cletus Kassady ,an extremely malevolant, chaotic ,nihilistic, anarchistic, murderous, sadistic, selfish, arrogant, megalomaniacal, egotistical, and most of all; extremely evil psychopathic serial killer from young age. This man becomes a one-man army and the enemy for Brock when he bonds with another Symbiote, a red one, and becomes the destructive Carnage, and becomes obsessed with spreading chaos ,violence, fear, destruction and death all over the entire Earth, which he sees in it as the only way to random freedom.

Now, our hero needs to decide whether he is a good and pure individual or not, and to go out and stop the psychopathic pure evil in order to save the world and all of humanity. In theaters October 2018.

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Marvel's VENOM - Teaser Trailer #1
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