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The best tigers documentary (tiger, cats, big cat, jaguar, Wild Life, animal)

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A documentary about the life of the most secretive of cats. Exceptional footage of the last true king of the jungle - the swamp tiger
Tangled mangrove forest in the Bay of Bengal is the kingdom of a rare creature ever seen by humans. One of the most efficient predators on the planet, this animal is feared as a murderer and a man-eater - the legendary tiger swamp. These tigers are so elusive that all attempts to follow in those impenetrable swamps ended in failure.
There are more than a decade, cameraman Mike Herd swamp tiger captured on film for the first time. It was a major breakthrough, the first glimpse of the secret life of tiger least known in the world - Tiger swamps of Sundarbans in Bangladesh.
This first video of the tiger was tempting and very short, but for Mike, it was enough to spark passion. He decided to go back and discover the secrets of this mysterious creature. The Sundarbans are remote and dangerous, so Mike will need an armed guard day and night. Somewhere in the 6,000 square miles, 10,000 square miles are a few hundred tigers, however, the only way is to follow.
Four major rivers originating in the Himalayas and run through Bangladesh, dividing into small streams and canals to pour into the sea in the Bay of Bengal. They form a complex delta mangroves, a collection of mud banks and sand held together by tangled roots.
Floods are downstream human victims; corpses are washed in the muddy banks of the Sundarbans tigers that give a taste for human flesh. Each year, up to a hundred people are killed by tigers, but for the poor there is no alternative. Fishermen spend months aboard their boats trying to avoid the bandits who steal their catches and their effects.
In the muddy shore, is the first witness trace the tiger - a recent set of pugmarks leaders in the forest. Then more testing - Large claw marks on a tree. The air is thick with the acrid smell of the tiger. Mike believes to be a tigress

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