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Approx. 69 000 yen conversions:
USD - $680
AUD - $883
GBP - 510
If this seems like a lot of money to you, please watch until the end of the video where I explain why I am ok with that price!

"Where do you store your clothes?"
There is a plastic chest of drawers I have bought that sits underneath the table!

"what's in the cupboard next to the entrance?"
I'm hoping it's a black hole because that's where i put stuff that i want to forget about.

"There are bigger places you could live!"
Yes! If I had a different visa! Please watch until the end of the video where I explain why I am staying in this apartment ^^

"what happens when you bring guys home?"
I don't! hah

"What kind of toilet is that?"
I don't know! I am not a toilet expert but lets just call it secret toilet!

Also I just measured the width of my apartment and it is 114cm excluding the space that furniture takes up! so 114cm at its widest point hahaha
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Hallo frennssssss! I had a day off today so I thought I would make this video and give you an update on how my apartment has changed over the 4 months I have been living here.

I'm happy living here and am not home so often, so it is nice to have my own small space to come and relax in!

Apartment tour from when i first moved in: ********

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