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Venom Movie Review: Why Can't SONY GET IT RIGHT?

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If you believe in critics (and who doesn't these days!?!?) #Venom was going to be a bomb. It looked like the end of the Comic Book Movie as we know it, and that fatigue would set in. Suddenly - the box office numbers come in, and it's an enormous hit, and Venom came back from the dead as if taken over by an alien Symbiote.

Yet, while the Comic Book Movies keep rolling and nothing seemingly stopping them (not even terrible reviews) what does this mean for the future of CBMs? The future of Spider-Man? The future of Venom? The future of Sony?

Is Venom the savior of Sony? ...I don't think so...

In Reel School's #VenomMovieReview I look at the faults of the film, and perhaps where we are as audience members when it comes to the specific genre.

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