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Venom Passes Wonder Woman at the Box Office - Collider Live #41

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We’re back with full bellies, proud of Roxy, and have a hunger to get back in the studio and talk about our Thanksgiving weekends! Host Kristian Harloff, Roxy Striar, Mark Reilly, Josh Macuga, Brett Sheridan, Cody, and Alex are back to discuss Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness, Venom beating Wonder Woman in the box office, and take phone calls and Twitter questions from you!

00:00 is Macuga’s picture on the plane creepy?
08:39 Roxy and Brett are friends now
13:48 New York Schmoedown Live is sold out!
17:14 Deadpool PG-13 cut idea was suggested in a tweet; should that person be compensated or credited?
26:15 lightsabers aren’t just for boys!
32:53 Chuck Liddell fought again this weekend…
37:44 Thanksgiving weekend’s box office
50:05 George Lucas directing an Obi-Wan movie?
1:01:46 is the new The Lion King animated or live action?
1:10:28 Venom passes Wonder Woman at the box office
1:20:08 Twitter questions and phone calls (The Lion King nostalgia; Venom’s box office; can the fan leagues borrow the Wildberries?; are we watching the Mars rover landing?)
1:33:14 Macuga/Harloff still got beef
1:46:05 Disney’s 2019 release schedule is insane!

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